A Fully Equipped Laboratory

Prepared to Handle Organic Chemistry Projects

Established in 2003, PolyOrg, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based laboratory that specializes in custom organic synthesis. Our facility is fully equipped with various laboratory glassware and equipment to carry out organic reactions from milligram to multi-kilogram quantities. We have the capacity to scale up to 30 gallons (glass-lined reactor) of chemicals for preparation of intermediates or final products. Furthermore, our laboratory has full analytical capabilities to support complex organic chemistry projects. Our analytical laboratory offers technologies such as high-pressure liquid chromatography, FT-IR, gas chromatography, and UV spectroscopy, as well as exclusive access to 400 MHz NMR.

Get Started With Custom Synthesis

Entrust your organic chemistry project to PolyOrg, Inc. Our laboratory has the expertise, professionals, and technology to perform complex organic chemistry synthesis services. To receive a quotation or discuss the details of your project with our chemists, email us at info@polyorginc.com or call us at 978-466-7978.

Environment Health and Safety Practices

The safety, health, and protection of the environment are at the core of our laboratory services and operations. We conduct all operations, activities, experimentations, and other laboratory work with due care to ensure the well-being of our employees and personnel, and proper maintenance and conservation of the environment. We also implement strict regulations to guarantee minimum waste generation and contamination of air, water, and land.
Our laboratory’s main goal is to make our work premises free from occupational injuries, incidents, illnesses, and accidents. We regard accident prevention as our foremost priority, and we invest in safe working equipment to carry out operations seamlessly and without incidents. We also take every possible precaution to keep our laboratory neat and tidy, as cleanliness is essential for safe and healthy working.