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Peptide Nucleic Acid Monomers

Peptide Nucleic Acids are analogs of DNA in which the phosphate backbone is replaced with a peptide like backbone. Due to their unique structure; PNA molecules have possible applications as antisense therapeutics, diagnostic markers, or molecular biology products.

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Facilities & Equipment
PolyOrg, Inc. is fully equipped with various laboratory glassware and equipment to carry out organic reactions from milligram to multi kilogram quantities. We have capacity to scale up to 30 gallons (glass-lined reactor) for preparation of intermediates or final products.

We have full analytical capabilities to support variety of complex organic chemistry projects. Our analytical laboratory includes High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, FT-IR, Gas Chromatography, UV Spectroscopy and access to 400 MHz NMR.

Enviornment Health & Safety

PolyOrg, Inc. is commited for safety, health and emviornment protection as an integral part of our service and operations.

We will work to conduct all operations and activites with due care for safety and health of all its employees and personnel engaged at its laboratory work and also ensure proper maintenance and enviornment conservation.

Our main aim is to make our work premises free of occupational injury, illness and accident. Accident prevention activity is our foremost priority. We focus on safe working equipments to carry out operation.

Every effort is made to keep work place clean and tidy as it is an essential requirement for safe and healthy working.

We are commited to enviorment by minimum waste generation and contaminiation of air, water and land.



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