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Peptide Nucleic Acid Monomers

Peptide Nucleic Acids are analogs of DNA in which the phosphate backbone is replaced with a peptide like backbone. Due to their unique structure; PNA molecules have possible applications as antisense therapeutics, diagnostic markers, or molecular biology products.

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Contract Research
PolyOrg will tailor to suit specific projects and enable small and large organizations to address their specific R&D issues in organic chemistry. We use innovative approaches for the synthesis to fulfill our client’s requirements. We focus on reducing the time, cost and safety of the project. Our FTE program is ideal for contract research and development.

Process Development
We explore new routes directed at safer and more economical synthetic approaches. Our chemists will design or optimize any step of an existing procedure regardless of synthesis scale to improve yields and to increase safety. We also design environmentally friendly processes for the synthesis.

Custom Synthesis
PolyOrg will synthesize compounds either by following procedures supplied by our clients or by researching relevant scientific publications to determine the best synthetic strategy for a given compound. We will guarantee confidentiality by establishing a non- disclosure agreement for each project. Our well-documented processes are reinforced with analytical data to ensure that any intellectual property that is developed can be supported for our clients.
  • Multi-step Organic Synthesis
  • Milligram to multi-kilogram Synthesis
  • Large Scale Purification
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Medicinal Chemistry Support
  • Biotechnology Specialty Reagents
  • Solid Phase Synthesis
  • Stable isotopes labeled compounds  

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