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Peptide Nucleic Acid Monomers

Peptide Nucleic Acids are analogs of DNA in which the phosphate backbone is replaced with a peptide like backbone. Due to their unique structure; PNA molecules have possible applications as antisense therapeutics, diagnostic markers, or molecular biology products.

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PolyOrg Sulfa

PolyOrg Sulfa (POS) - A New Sulfur Transfer Reagent for the Sythesis of Oligonucleotide Phosphorothioates

  • Soluble and stable in anhydrous acetonirile
  • Mixed bases 25-mer of DNA phosphorothioates gave less than 1% P=O using 60 second sulfurizing time
  • Smell less crystalline powder with formula weight 195.27

3-phenyl 1,2,4-dithiazoline-5-one* (POS) is a novel sulfurizing reagent, highly soluble and stable in anhydrous acetonitrile. POS is a yellow crystalline product with no foul smell.

0.1M solution of POS in anhydrous acetonitrile is recommended for the synthesis of DNA phosphorothioates using contact time 60 second.

U.S. Patent #: 6,500,944

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Please contact us for more information and sample to evaluate the POS.

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