WHY CHOOSE PolyOrg: Quality Products + Being Accountable foR your NEEds for Custom Synthesis

As stated before, PolyOrg, Inc. offers over 250+ catalog products. For most of these products, we guarantee 98+% purity. This helps our customers with getting better synthesis yields. For all of these we can provide milligram to kilogram scale. For inquiries on these products or if you're looking for a modified version of one of the products, email info@polyorginc.com with your needs, quantity and lead time requirements.

Our catalog products can be seen on the homepage on the left or in the catalogs tab. The catalog compounds we offer fall into the following categories: acids, acid derivatives, amidites, amines, amino acids, amino acid derivatives, anhydrides, aromatics, aziridines, biotinylated compounds, carbohydrates, chlorinated compounds, coumarins, disulfides, fine chemicals, fluorescent compounds, halogenated compounds, heterocycles, indoles, isocyanides, linkers, long chain linkers, napthyridines, nitrile, nucleobase, nucleosides, nucleoside reagents, oligonucleotide reagents, phosphates, phosphonates, phosphoramidites, PNA Backbone, PNA Intermediates/Reagents, PNA Monomers, purine, pyrenes, pyrmidines, reagents, silyl compounds, succinates, sulfonyl compounds, sulfurizing reagent, thiazoles.

PolyOrg, Inc. is also the smart choice for custom organic synthesis. We assist many life science, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies along with research universities in all of their custom organic synthesis work.  As you can see from our catalog, our chemists have a wide ranging knowledge in the organic and medical chemistry fields. We have successfully completed over 2000+ custom synthesis projects over the last 15 years. Call or email us today to learn more about what we can do or to receive a quotation for a certain product.