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We hope you are enjoying the new look.

Please note the following when it comes to ordering:

PolyOrg has the right to refuse shipment if we believe a customer is not ordering from a commercial address. 

If a price has $0 designation, please inquire for a quote.

Currently, we do not have inventory levels or lead times on the site.

To inquire about inventory levels or lead times, email us at info@polyorginc.com or call us at 978-466-7978. 

For bulk inquiries, please also email or call us. For most of the products, we are able to manufacture at kg levels, we just don't list the price at kg levels. 

Products listed in our catalog are for research and development purpose only and are not intended for food, drug, household, or commercial use.

PolyOrg is not liable for accidents arising from the handling and use of the listed products. All the products should be handled only by trained personnel. Our breach of warranty is limited to exchange or refund of purchase price paid. PolyOrg avoids infringing on any approved patents.