1-DMT-3-O-(N-cholesteryl-3-aminopropyl)-TEG-glyceryl-2-O-succinoyl-long chain alyklamino-CPG

Pore Size: 500 Å
Grams: 1


Chemical Names: 1-DMT-3-O-(N-cholesteryl-3-aminopropyl)-TEG-glyceryl-2-O-succinoyl-long chain alyklamino-CPG ; 1-DMT-3-O-(N-cholesteryl-3-aminopropyl)-TEG-glyceryl-2-O-succinoyl-LCAA CPG ; DMT Cholesteryl TEG succinyl longchain alkylamino controlled pore glass ; Cholesterol TEG CPG 

Catalog Number: 37-2003

Pore Sizes Offered: 500 Å, 1000 Å, 2000 Å, 3000 Å  

- For quotes for larger quantities, please email info@polyorginc.com. 

- For loading inquiries, please email info@polyorginc.com 

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